Tips & Tricks

Tips and Tricks on Using the Book Design Wizard

Gather up the information on your book into one location such as title, author, book size and chapter titles and place this information in a Notepad file, or any file other than a Word file, before creating your book so you can copy and paste the information directly into the Book Design Wizard form (Word will not allow you to access another Word document while the form is active).

If you have a lot of chapter titles this will make it easier as you can copy and paste each title into the form instead of retyping them. For example, if you have a list of all of the chapter titles in a Notepad file you can open that file while using the Book Design Wizard, copy a title, place your cursor in the Chapter Title text box, press Ctrl + V on your keyboard to paste the title, click on Add, then repeat.

Play around with the Book Design Wizard before starting on your actual book. Create some test books with just a couple of your chapters to try out different font and style combinations. Once you have a feel for the program and the style you like then create your real book with all of the style settings you decided to use and all of your chapter titles. It is harder to make style changes and other adjustments once the book is setup so it is best to have your decisions made beforehand.

Cleanup your original document as needed so it will import easily into the Book Design Wizard. Look for these common formatting errors in your document:

  • spaces or tabs used to create first line indents in paragraphs (they should be removed – see the Common Problems and Solutions information below)
  • two paragraph breaks between each paragraph instead of one (delete the extra paragraph breaks so there is only one)
  • line breaks used at the end of paragraphs instead of a paragraph breaks (replace the line breaks with a single paragraph break as line breaks do not mark the end of a paragraph)

If you have any of these problems in your original document they can usually be resolved with a find/replace command in Word. Be sure to make a copy of your original document before making any of these changes.