Book Design Tip: One space, or two? That is the question.

The one space or two space dilemma. How many spaces should you put between sentences?

In short, one space.

The habit of placing two spaces between sentences came about in the days of manual typewriters. They used mono-spaced typefaces that made it difficult to see the space between sentences. To compensate, typists started using two spaces and that become the norm. However, with today’s modern word processors and technology, two spaces is now a big no-no in the book publishing world.

Word processors, new typefaces, and page layout software, now correctly place the right amount of space between sentences and adding an extra one actually throws everything off and causes issues in the layout.

So… just one space please.

Did you just read this and realize that you wrote your entire manuscript using two spaces? You can quickly fix it by doing a find/replace in Microsoft Word by searching for two spaces (just hit the space bar twice), with one space.


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